Weird Spam

How to question the continued existence of humanity.

New Guiess World Record
They produce 7 million pieces of fish each year.
We're all on a spam list !
Oh my god ! WE'RE ALL ON A SPAM LIST !
Farscape cancelled
What do you do when your favourite dire sci-fi show gets cancelled ? Spam a widely-read software development list, of course.
The rules..
Well, this is subtle.
Hello from the world's first lingerie airline
Hello to you too.
Does a dog you know have trouble walking ?
ketchup - a new technology
Are you entirely sure about this ?
give your ketchup muscle
Something must be wrong here.
My name is George Keller and I screw my parakeet!
Vengeance gone surreal.
My name is Steven Dulak and im a genius.
More in the same vein. Why, I do not know.
Soap-finding is so very hard to do.
Mystique of the Orient bar soap
Gerald is also trying to find this accursed soap.
It's a SPAM & Fuck You
A marvel of brevity.
Uncertainty principle is untenable.
Some crackpot who really really wants people to listen to his insane "theories".
Political nuclear physics
It's "new model Revolutionary (military geo political economic) framework", in case you were wondering.
all different kinds of pens
Yet, inside, they say they only have 12,000 types. Which is it, boys?
Electrical Cords
They also claim to stock all forms of cords, but I don't believe them somehow.
Will Ken Ropp ever get his Viagra ?
I don't remember this round on the Krypton Factor.
Is it wrong to think cartoons are attractive?
Is that a rhetorical question?
Where did my hand go???? I lost it!!!!
This one earns special points for the utterly bizarre opt-out paragraph (or more accurately, oppt/opppt-out).
Absolutely Top Level Rated Domain Names
Some people really are astonishingly stupid.
Good to see somebody is keeping the kernel hackers up to date.
Ice cream for " "
Sounds like a good swap to me.
Design your own Linux-shoes
Can't I get a scarf instead?
http_port = 1983
Limahl ! Culture Club !
$user, Take a horseback adventure
UNIX on horseback.
(no subject)
The ultimate in minimalism.
Moth Viagra
I hate moths enough already without encouraging them, thanks.
Jim Hug is trying to purchase some watches, that's all.
Scam Artist Terry Johnston
The alert is out from the Church of Freethought in, er, Texas.
(no subject)
I'm sure you would.
If it's full-frontal faces you want, this Bulgarian is your guy.
Seven Myths of Load Balancing
Seven Myths of Spamming Scum.
Get 7 Complimentary Panties from Fredericks.com
Next week, desultory socks.
Men are clapping, find out why
It's purely zoological.
Pocket motorcycle
One step down from pocket rocket?
quotation of butterfly and ball valve
Alas, they don't have much to say.
If the same point is made twice by the same person, the thread is over. - Khendon's Law