User Interface Stuff

I might organise this at some point but for now it's a load of stuff I'll probably want to reference later.

I have a number of screenshots for reference, and some bad websites.

UI links

Some of these should be required for reading for any software developer.

Guidelines and References

Gnome Human Interface Guidelines
The Gnome project have a reasonably detailed guide.
KDE User Interface Guidelines
Not as in-depth as Gnome's, alas.
Aqua Human Interface Guidelines
Not that Apple pay any attention to it.
MacOS 8 Human Interface Guidelines
Who's the daddy ? This is.
The Microsoft Windows User Experience
No, not it crashed. MS's UI guidelines.
Tog's First Principles
UI by first principles.
User Interface Design for Programmers
Joel Spolsky's book. A must-read.
User Interface Design
Common Front Group's introduction to UI design.
Usability glossary
And that's what it is.
HCI bibliography
Tons of stuff here.


The Fly UI
User interface design at work.
Are users stupid ?
Everybody is stupid, but it doesn't excuse poor UI.
Why Free Software usability tends to suck
MPT preaches it. Read this.
Why Free Software usability tends to suck even more
And this.
Free software and good user interfaces
A good article by Havoc Pennington.
A direct response to "Free software and good user interfaces"
Unfortunately Mosfet just doesn't get it.
Usability and Efficiency
People who think usability is about making things slower should read this.
Why easy of use doesn't happen
Bullet points. Probably true.
Designing Apple Help
A good description of what UI design looks like.
Computing the Case Against User Interface Consistency
A famous, but rather silly, article.
Usability and Open Source Software
Conclusion ? We suck.
Improving the Usability of Open Source Software: Usability Testing of StarOffice Calc
Another study. Testing StarOffice seems a bit unfair though.
Why technical writers should love Microsoft's Inductive User Interface
Also known as tell me what the fuck an inductive user interface is please.
Word Processors: Stupid and Inefficient
Allin Cottrell hates word processors. He likes LaTeX. LyX sits in the middle; wonder what he thinks.
A Comparative Study of vi and Emacs from the Perspective of Novice and Regular Users
Emacs wins. How can this be ?
Undo and History
Lots of fodder here.


MacOS X Hall of Shame
Usability News
News. About usability.
Usability Views
Usability with a twist apparently
GUI Gallery
Including the infamously bizarre Microsoft Bob.
Bad Human Factors Designs
I call this the *gahhh*!! book. For obvious reasons.
This is neat. See what websites look like under three forms of colour-blindness.
Understanding UI
David K. Every's comparison of UI elements in MacOS Classic and MS Windows. Interesting, though his claim that power is the opposite of ease of use seems highly dubious to me.
Usability Must Die
Well. Indeed.
Perversion Tracker
Bad Mac software. Almost daily ... ouch.
Archives from the golden age of outliners
Dave Winer's pages about outliners.
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